Akhilesh Srivastava
CGM  ( Highway Operations & IT ) NHAI

B tech (Gold Medal) FIE, FIV, MIS, MBA, LLB

Akhilesh Srivastava is one of the most prominent new voices in the digital technology world today. He is known for many impactful and process transformative works in the Government Sector and PSUs like Electronic Tolling System on National Highways, e-Tendering, e-MB, Project Monitoring and Information System, use of Drones, Satellites imagery, GIS in Project planning and monitoring, development of India’s first Online Dispute Portal for faster dispute resolution, developed Mobile Apps for communication with citizens etc. His automation drive has enhanced the efficiency & productivity along with transparency. A global survey has rated him as one of the 51 MOST IMPACTFUL GLOBAL LEADERS OF SMART CITY for his outstanding works. He is CGM in NHAI. IIT gold medalist, Akhilesh Srivastava has done B Tech in Civil Engineering, M Tech in structural engineering, MBA in IT, PGD in Infrastructure Development and Global MBA from ISB Hyderabad. With his vast knowledge, he also contributes to various committees, institutions and professional bodies as honorary advisor. He is works committee of IITs, Board of Governors of Engineering Council of India and International Council of Consultants, member of RERA committee of CIDC, Smart city projects committees, member of Intelligent Transportation System committee etc. A prolific reader and writer share his knowledge through his articles and talks in various forums.

Digital Construction Management

The construction industry accounts for nearly 6% of the Global GDP and is still growing. In the developing world, like India, construction industry’s contribution in GDP is more than 8% and is the second largest employment provider.

Apart from this, the construction Industry is the largest consumer of raw materials and other resources, using nearly 50% of global steel production and more than 3 billion tonnes of raw materials, responsible for emission of more than 30% of green house gases; impacting the environment to the most. But, in spite of these impactful importance on the people, environment and government as a whole; it remains one the neglected sector in terms of latest technology adoption and productivity enhancement. The productivity of the construction industry is the lowest and adoption of new technology is the poorest in comparison to the other sectors.

How productivity plays an important role is evident from the fact that mere 1% increase in productivity of construction industry can save $100 billion a year worldwide. This can straightway reduce the cost of construction, making houses affordable and reduce the burden on non-renewable natural resources.

Review of the Book

“This is a brilliant and perfectly timed book written by Akhilesh Srivastava. It’s going to generate a momentum of technological transformation in the construction industry. I am sure, this book “Digital Construction Management” will revive the construction industry from its poor productivity and outdated process model. Timing of this book is perfect as India is spending trillions in the construction industry. Rightly pointed out by Akhilesh Srivastava that increase of 1% productivity is going to save 100 millions USD. Just imagine the impact on national GDP if by digitalization of construction industry, the productivity is increased by 10%. This is going to be historic book and the construction industry will remember Akhilesh Srivastava for injecting fresh lease of life with the help of digital technologies. It should be compulsory reading book”.

A K Singhal, Former Director General, CPWD

“This beautifully written, very readable book will change the construction industry, it so lucid and composed. The topic on RERA and Smartcity are simply marvelous. Hats off to Akhilesh”

K N Samual, Bangalore

“This book on Digital Construction Management by Akhilesh Srivastava aims to drive transformation in the construction industry with increasing focus on adoption of modern and innovative technologies. It fills a void that has often been felt in the matter in the area of convergence of technology and management. Moreover, while Akhilesh Srivastava highlights nuances of various technologies, he does not position with any technology but leaves to the readers to make a choice. The book also presents interesting insights as to how to increase the efficiencies in the delivery of public service, leveraging the fourth industrial revolution. Would recommend the book for every technocrat and construction industry person.”

Pranavant, Partner, Consulting Deloitte India

“A revelation! With unparalleled courage and clarity Akhilesh has written the most important and necessary book of the young generation. In it he exposes the challenges of construction industry on face of it and come up with pragmatic solutions of the digital age. The book can very well prove a catalyst, a watershed, a tipping point in the journey of construction industry.”

Prof KCS Rao, Former Director, NICMAR

“An outstanding book on the latest technologies by Akhilesh Srivastava, CGM NHAI, who has modernized the highway sector. In this book he very interestingly integrated the latest digital technologies with the Construction Industry with focus on future. He brings in a rare insight into the 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies and their practical application to enhance much desired efficiency & productivity of construction sector, in a very lucid manner. Marvelous work, most importantly, he does not position with any technology, but leaves to the readers to select the best. A must read book for everyone”.

R K Pandey, Member (Technical),NHAI

“The book makes a good read for those who want to understand how Industry revolution 4.0 is linked with Construction industry in enhancing productivity while at the same time optimizing costs and with more focus on environment. The relevant examples bring to life realistic view of the construction industry and open ones mind to infinite possibilities”

Akshya Singhal, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

“This is a brilliant and one of the most fascinating book, I have read in a long time. In a very simple and lucid manner it explains the current status of construction industry, its challenges and what is its future. At the same time it talks about very high technologies. I am not an engineer but enjoyed reading it in one go. Its language is simple and style of narration is reader friendly. The clarity of thoughts and ability to see through future of Akhilesh Srivastava is fantastic. I am sure this is going to be one of the bestseller books”.

Sandra Srivastava, Student

“Akhilesh Srivastava as a writer is fabulous. It’s fascinating to read his articles and listen his talks on technology. I had been following him at various forums and seminars since a long time and every time I found him coming up with brilliant fresh ideas. I am amazed with his unparalleled knowledge on latest technologies be it Geospatial technology, 5D Building Modeling, Drones, AI, Block-chain, Electronic tolling or anything, his is amazingly clear about it. And more importantly he quickly makes his mind as how to use the futuristic technology to make peoples life simpler. A book to be read everywhere.”

Alok Nikhil Kumar, PhD Scholar, IIT Delhi

“This masterful book is a measured but strong call for integration of disruptive digital technology integration in the construction industry. Akhilesh Srivastava is at his marvelous flow in this historic book, which will change the construction industry globally. And its timing is perfect, when India is spending trillions on construction. A spectacular book.”

Aurinidum Chatterjee, Kolkata

In the recent past , one could do a lot of reading on how industrial revolution 4 impacts the human lives adversely , employees of tech giants going against the companies decision to build defence warfare aka destruction etc. Going through a book which talks about the impact of technology on the human lives in a positive way is always worth reading. Many times we find books on construction management and technology in isolation but I see this book as a perfect amalgamation of both. It elucidates nicely how the integration could be path breaking to enhance the productivity, optimise the cost in the construction industry. A must to have book for construction industry people and technocrats on their devices digitally. Kudos to Akhilesh Srivastava for writing this wonderful book.

V Hemakumar, Hyderabad

Akhilesh is an outstanding professional with a wealth of experience of construction technology. In this book he has presented in depth analysis of the digital tools which are set to transform construction as we know it. Leveraging his skills as a seasoned technocrat Akhilesh dissects the game changing impact the digital revolution is about to have on the construction Industry. With remarkable ease, lucidity and clarity, he offers a deeply insightful commentary on how technology is set to usher a fourth industrial revolution in the sector. His analysis is succinct and rooted in practical applications which are transformative for the efficiency and productivity of the construction sector. He provides a clear road map of how digital tools can be integrated to the construction process to boost productivity, control costs, optimize operations and enhance sustainability.The book also investigates the macroeconomic fallout of digitization of construction through several incisive articles on Smart Cities, digital dispute resolution, digital governance and software driven asset management. Overall, this book is a must read not only for a construction professional looking to optimize operations but also for policy makers and technocrats seeking to leverage digital technologies in order to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of this country.

Ms Diva, Kolkata

“There are few barriers to entry in construction, which means it’s a reasonably saturated market. With so much competition, profit margins are depleting. This reduces the reinvestment potential to update much-needed business processes and technology. In this scenario, how to infuse low cost digital technology in construction to increase efficiency and productivity of the industry is what this book brings out in detail. Most contemporary book written by Akhilesh Srivastava. In fact, when India is poised to spend trillions of USD in construction sector, this book is like a boon to the construction industry”.

Brig J Kameshwar Rao, Hyderabad

“Akhilesh Srivastava is one of the most important new voices in the digital technologies today, as this book make amply clear as why he rated as one among the 51 MOST IMPACTFUL GLOBAL LEADERS OF SMART CITY. He has attempted to turn the stone age construction industry into digital industry, and in doing so given all of us a new way of looking at our seemingly unending problems of construction industry, and a new way of understanding why we got there. And he does it in a lucid, reader-friendly style that almost makes it fun to read.”

Prof & Er O P Gupta, VSM

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